443022, Russia, Samara, 22 Partsiezda str. 10 (846)279-26-18, 279-26-32

CJSC (Closed Joint-Stock Company )“SamZAS” is a reliable supplier of high quality products of non-ferrous metallurgy, satisfying the variable customers’ requirements on the basis of high production standards and introduction of high technologies.

Since 1995 “SamZAS” has been conducting and developing its business for the following:

  • aluminium alloys production;
  • production of moulds from aluminium alloys made by pressure die casting method.

SamZAS is a quickly developing company focused on production of high-quality aluminium alloys as well as casting  from aluminium alloys made by pressure using die casting method for various industries.
The production is equipped with all necessary machinery that allows to produce secondary aluminium alloys conforming to the requirements of GOST (State Standard) 1583-93, to the additional customers demand in the form of ingots (15-18 kg), and a wide variety of castings for machinery-building plants in Russia and the former countries of the USSR (foreign countries that lay nearby).

Our trade mark guarantees quality, values and confidence in the future!